Blog Post 14

Amazon has separate retail websites for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, and Mexico.

Some of these countries have something called AmazonGlobal that allows you to shop for something in another country and it will ship to yours. All it does is convert the countries money into your countries money.

If you want to check a website out it will even translate it to your language for you can easily navigate through the products.

This is a great tool if your trying to find something cheaper in another country you can’t find in yours and in the long run could save you money.

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Blog Post 13

Being able to 3D print stuff has made it easier for people to create their own products. Instead of going out and paying for something really expansive they can make it. It has also made a new medium of art that can be used creatively.


3D printing can also benefit the public by creating limbs, creating cars, fashion, etc. Using this method will make things cheaper to create and can help humanity on some of its issues.

With the use of the 3D printer the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what will be done in the future with these.

Blog Post 12

In this anime called Pripara there is brand names from the idols outfits. I create two of my own and me and my friend are models and the brands are inspired by our likes. In Pripara everyone can be an idol.






This is my brand.


The style is dragon inspired mixed with angel themes with a mix of pastle colors.

My main coord is based off a soldier (represents how angels are master warriors and protectors like regular soldiers).

The coord name is Angelic Warrior.


My Cyalume coord is inspired by dragons and angels.

The coord name is Dragonic Light.


Here are some sketches of coords.

angelicfluffspring flowerwinter fire



moonligh howl





This is my friends brand.



Her’s is based off gothic style, night, moon, and wolfs.


Her regular coord is based off Gothic style and black rose.

This coord name is Gothic Beauty.


Her Cyalume coord is based off wolves, stars, and her love for girly things.

This coord name is moon candy.

Here are some sketches of coords.

demonic fluffspring nightwinter fur


Cyalume coords glow when on stage so I’m currently trying to come up with designs for it.


Here’s our Pritickets. Pritickets is a system at PriPara which idols use a ticket with a Coord piece printed inside. They can receive more PriTickets after preforming and exchanging Friends Ticket in which they receive a Coord piece from an another idol in exchange for their own and it’s considered as a show of friendship.

I know I’m really going to enjoy making designs for this.


Blog Post 11

Pixiv is an amazing artist website if you enjoy mostly anime. The site is pretty much Japanese and a lot of the artist on there are from Japan.

A lot of the art is top quality and very inspirational.

A lot of the artists are also in their late 20s early 30s so It’s nice if your looking for that age group.

Most of the tags you have to write in Japanese rather than English. It helps looking up name of title in Japanese on Wikipedia.


One of the coolest features it has is you can upload multiple pictures.



Some features you have to pay for like looking up tag of top art, disabling certain tags or users, no ads, drawing lectures, etc.



Blog Post 10

Paint Tool Sai is an art program that artists  tend to like using more the Photoshop. It’s cheaper then Photoshop and it’s easier to move around.


You can change the brush settings and get a variety of different styles.


You can also download some brush textures.


People really enjoy this program mostly for the feature of zooming and transformation is easier.

You can easily zoom with scroll button on mouse.

Transforming a picture you just have to click a box.

The program has  a color wheel on left side of the program and is easy to save the colors on palette.


Blog Post 9

One of the dreams I had in the past was to do a Gothic comic and publish it. Now I want to create a more idol comic and maybe In future do a Gothic comic. I don’t just like comics I like manga and I like manga art style that is shoujo. It is more detailed than most manga and has a lot of extra artwork on the pages.










This is one of my images I drew.


This is the type of characters I want to create for my idol comic I’m working on right now.

I hope in the future to keep my past dream and do a Gothic Comic.

These are some of my past comics I drew.


I did a lot of Fandom Comics which is based off characters created by others and a bt of them are very old right now. I get annoyed looking at my old art even though a lot of people say it’s good to visually see the improvement. I was really trying to do a Gothic comic that looked great but couldn’t because of my skill level at the time.

I’m also currently doing my regular comic about me. This one is a huge improvement since my others.


I want to do my Gothic comic like this image. I want to do a style I’ve been trying to do for years.


I know I’m really close and I just need to figure out a story and characters. It of course won’t be done till I am done with my other comic but I can’t wait to start it.

Blog Post 8

MMD is a modeling program created by the creators of Vocaloid. This is a great program if you want something basic and want to learn about bones.

You can also use other programs to amplify the graphics when making videos.



PMD is a program that works with MMD. It allows you to add clothes to you model.
























MMD also allows you to edit the models facial expressions.

Some people like to create models for the program and sell them. They create models using 3D programs then add bones to it.

Blog Post 7

On of my posts I talked about Pripara being 2D animation and use 3D at times. I noticed that this is starting to become a trend.

Pretty Cure was one of the first people to use 3D animation in a 2D setting in Japan.


Pretty Cure uses 3D animation for songs, but unlike idol anime’s uses it for there ending themes. Anime’s that use this like to show that the idols are coming alive and are human-like.

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Blog Post 6

In my Pripara post I said I wanted to create an app game. Before I do that I’m gonna try and turn my characters into a comic. Then, think about making into a game.

Right now I’m coming up with character designs, names, logos, story, and title of comic.

Here are some sketches and what has inspired them.



1397652750-640pxMilli-o Beru from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live was a huge inspiration for this design. I wanted to create and idol theme that Is based of Roses. Beru is an idol with the same theme.My character is gonna have a bit of a different personality than Beru. She is going to be more eccentric and loud. Unlike Beru who is all about beauty and grace.

1455562082_5071I like the style of Goth when it’s mixed in with roses. It has a nice elegant look to it. I wanted my character to show that.

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Blog Post 5

Animal Crossing is hugely popular. I can see why. It’s fun for people who want to be creative yet, may lake artistic skills.

You can design homes, clothes, and your town. In New Leaf you can be mayor and design your town into your ideal town.


They just released amiibo and amiibo cards which like Pripara has cards.  It unlocks different kinds of content within the game.