Funny Life crew


All these people are my amazing friends who are always their to help me and who I have so many goods time with. Our lives are so weird and funny, we think we were just the only ones who see strange things and experience weird things when hanging out. Life is very interesting for each and every one of us and unique things always happens when were all together. There is someone who I’m good friends with too but, isn’t in the picture. Hopefully one day I’ll add her(remember to add her). There is someone on this picture that unfortunately passed away and I miss I’m dearly all the time. It’s the guy on my left(the one with blue shirt). He was a brother to me and I’ll never forget him.


Left to right

Angel- She was my roommate. Anime lover and tough a** chick. She was someone who does not play around when she had too. We’re a bit far away from each other but were always in contact. I love her long text messages. We used to watch Spongebob all the time and play Project Diva and pissed off our roommates at 2am because of it.

Justin- My big brother( not actually). He was an ex Marine( he would say Ex Marine isnt a thing) so we always talked about Marines and war. Sometimes we would play fight. We looked like brother and sister because we both wore military wear all the time. We both loved anime and enjoyed Vocaloid.

Greg- My boyfriend. He is obssessed with Skyrim and Politics. He mixes them both quite often. He loves his politics and I mean loves them. He is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. I call him a**hole all the time (along with Marc). He’s always there for me when I need help. He’s the best. He’s always saying he loves me(every 20 min) and worries for me dearly when I’m not well.

Christine- This girl is funny. She’s wacky and will do anything for you if your a good person. My best friend 1. We both always seem to be going through the same things at the same time. Me and her are two peas in a pod. We know no matter how far away we are from each other when were older, we’ll still see each other. we seem to find interesting things always happening when together.

Nicole- She’s adorable. She’s my best friend 2. She was also my roommate. We have many things in common like loving the Gothic style and anime. She is like a puppy, I need to protect. She is cute even when she threatens you and she got my back when things get rough.

Marc- He hates how I switched the k in his name to a c. He’s an interesting fellow. Always makes me laugh. His humor is great. Me and him are Broski’s (as he calls it). He considers me like a sister and he is like a brother to me. He makes me laugh with his fake Russian accident and fur hat.He also likes talking about Politics and Military with me. We defiantly have interesting times together (More like bizarre). he always know how to cheer me p when I’m not well.